Become an Energy Professional

Professional training and certification opportunities are available for individuals who want to guide ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance™ (SEP) implementation, or verify SEP improvements in energy performance. Industrial facilities may hire a professional or develop the expertise in house. The Institute for Energy Management Professionals is the only body licensed by the American National Standards Institute to certify individuals for Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems, SEP Lead Auditor, and SEP Performance Verifier.

Industrial facilities seeking verification that they have met the requirements of ISO 50001 and SEP will need to use an audit team from an ANSI-ANAB Accredited SEP Verification Body. Professionals in the field are encouraged to pursue training and certification for these positions.

SEP Successes and Testimonials

The energy team at Volvo Trucks poses at the Dublin, VA facility, which achieved SEP certification at the Platinum level. The energy team at Volvo Trucks poses at the Dublin, VA facility, which achieved SEP certification at the Platinum level. Check out their story and other case studies.

Implement an Energy Management System

Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems* assist facilities in implementing an energy management system that conforms to ISO 50001 and preparing facilities to meet SEP requirements.

Third-Party Verification of Improvements in Energy Performance

Two types of certified professionals serve as third-party auditors to verify that an applicant meets SEP requirements. SEP Verification Bodies assign these certified experts to the audit team.

  • SEP Lead Auditors will assess a manufacturing plant’s management system conformance to ISO 50001 and additional SEP requirements documented in ANSI/MSE 50021.
  • SEP Performance Verifiers will assess a manufacturing plant’s conformance to the (1) measurement and verification protocols and (2) energy performance improvement levels defined by the SEP program.

Find a Professional Near You

Find a Certified Practitioner to advise your facility on implementing ISO 50001 or SEP.

* Use of these professionals is not required for certification to ISO 50001 or SEP. However, use of a qualified professional adds assurance that the standards are properly applied.

Pursue Professional Training and Credentialing

Find training and exam opportunities for the credentialing programs described on this page. Individuals can take the exam without taking the training and vice versa.