How to Qualify for SEP Certification

Superior Energy Performance™ (SEP) is designed for use by facilities of all sizes and with all levels of experience in managing energy. SEP has demonstrated an attractive payback of 2 years or less (including estimates for internal staff costs) for larger manufacturing facilities with a total annual energy bill of approximately $1.5 million or more. Medium-sized facilities (e.g., $0.5 to $1.5 million total annual energy bill) participating in SEP demonstrations have valued SEP for advancing their sustainability programs and demonstrating their leadership in energy efficiency. Read the report.

All facilities will need to conform to the ISO 50001 energy management standard and meet additional performance requirements, including attainment of established energy goals—as specified in the ANSI/MSE 50021 standard.

Once your facility is ready to apply for SEP certification, you will submit your application to the SEP Administrator. You will also contract with a third-party ANSI-ANAB accredited SEP Verification Body to conduct the SEP conformity audit. The SEP Verification Body provides certification of the results.

Performance Levels: Two Pathways for Industrial Facilities

SEP offers silver, gold, and platinum levels of certification. These are designations based on the level of energy performance improvement attained. Applicants may choose between the “Energy Performance Pathway” and the “Mature Energy Pathway” to reach one of these designations.

Figure of Performance Levels: Two Pathways for Industrial Facilities

Most facilities will qualify through the Energy Performance Pathway, which requires facilities to achieve a certain percentage of improvement in energy performance. However, industrial facilities with a much longer track record of sustained energy performance improvement will find that continued achievement of aggressive energy performance goals may prove increasingly challenging. The Mature Energy Pathway is designed for with these applicants with mature energy management systems.

The Mature Energy Pathway requires the use of the SEP Industrial Facility Best Practice Scorecard to meet SEP program performance levels. The scorecard assesses the maturity of a facility’s energy management system and offers credits for energy management system activities, processes, or procedures that are “above and beyond” ISO 50001 requirements. The scorecard provides guidance and details about the credits and steps to obtain them.

Renewal of Participation

Facilities will need to be recertified every three years to maintain SEP status.