Is your facility ready for ISO 50001 and SEP?

As you consider your manufacturing facility’s readiness for energy management, use the Strategic Energy Management Checklist to conduct a high-level assessment of your manufacturing facility’s energy management program and identify steps you can take to move to the next level. This simple checklist can help you assess whether your facility should consider ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance™ (SEP) as a next step or if you would benefit more from foundational energy management programs, such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s. ENERGY STAR for Buildings & Plants.

To use the checklist, select the energy management activities that your facility has already implemented. The checklist generates a report of ISO 50001 and SEP elements that have been completed and those that remain to be implemented. The result can also help you determine your position along the Strategic Energy Management Continuum and whether ENERGY STAR, ISO 50001 or SEP certification is an appropriate next step. All three approaches have valuable technical resources for facilities at any level.

As your facility’s experience with energy management grows, an ISO 50001 energy management system becomes more practical to implement. At the top of the continuum, SEP certification is an incremental step above ISO 50001 as it adds independent verification of energy savings that many corporate operations and finance professionals value in pursuing energy and process improvements. If you complete the checklist and determine that your facility is not ready for ISO 50001 or SEP, then consider starting with the ENERGY STAR resources.

Click image to enlarge. Image explaining the Strategic Energy Management Checklist: Steps in EnMS progression narrow from Foundational Energy Management (e.g., Energy Star for Buildings and Plants) to ISO 50001 (e.g. a standard energy management system framework for global industrial operations to SEP and verified energy performance.

Strategic Energy Management Continuum of progressively advancing energy management activities for industrial facilities.